Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Business Community Report Blasts Chicago Schools

I just read blog written by Greg Hinz on Crain's Chicago Business web site, talking about a new report issued by the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club of Chicago.

The blog is titled Chicago public-school reform flops, biz-backed report says

This map illustrates this point. There were more schools added to the 2008 poorly performing schools list than taken off. Read the article that goes with this map, written by Mike Trakan from the T/MC.

My hope is that business leaders will read some of the essays from the Tutor/Mentor Institute and apply these ideas in a strategy where they support what happens in the neighborhood, as well as what happens at a school.

Our own voice is a small one. We're a tiny non profit, with limited dollars and a big vision. While we've been sending out this message over and over for 16 years, we've not had consistent funding to do this, or to send our message out with the reach and frequency of corporate advertising giants. Thus we're still a voice in the wilderness.

However, if this voice rings true to you and your company, why not begin to form a team and investigate ways you can provide leadership that leads more kids to school prepared to learn and from school with networks helping them to jobs and careers.

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