Friday, February 09, 2007

How the Internet and online tools have empowered people

Andy Carvin is blogging the We Media conference in Miami, and reported comments from a session that focused on "soft power" - how the Internet and online tools have empowered people in ways that weren't possible when traditional forms of power - money, infrastructure, etc - are scarce and concentrated. I encourage you to read Andy's comments.

These ideas resonate with me. I believe that the internet gives anyone the opportunity to change the world. That's the Power Of One Debra Berg's radio show talks about.

We're not yet to a point where the real potential of this power is unleashed. Too few networks of purpose are yet being created on the Internet. However there are growing examples throughout the world.

I've been trying to map concepts and link concept areas to discussions and additional web resources. The Knowledgeworks Education Map of the Future does that better than any I've seen so far.

We're trying to create one through the Tutor/Mentor Connection and one way to get involved is to participate in the May and November Conferences or the Forums at the Tutor/Mentor Connection web site.

If you're involved with volunteer based tutoring/mentoring or education to career activities, I hope you'll join us in this network of purpose.

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