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I point to the same web sites over and over, and many have long links. Thus, I've created shorter tinyURL links. Since I use these frequently, I created a page so I could use the same link, over and over. These are organized by category.

Strategy and Vision Pages - concept maps
This first set of links point to visualizations that show strategies that leaders in any city could apply to help youth tutor/mentor and learning programs grow in high poverty neighborhoods.  One of these is a map showing the four sections of the Tutor/Mentor web library where you can find most of the information that I point to in the sections below.. 

Place to connect with Tutor/Mentor and Each other

Chicago Tutor/Mentor Program Links: 
Since 1993 T/MC has been maintaining a list of Chicago area non-school tutor/mentor programs, to help volunteers,  parents, donors and others find programs in different neighborhoods. This list of programs can be found at this link:

Map of Chicago Youth Tutor and/or Mentor programs - 

The list is organized by sections of the city, making it easier to find programs near where you live or work:
Additional links point to other web sites that people can  use to find contact information for youth tutoring and/or mentoring programs, and other volunteer opportunities, in Chicago, or other cities.

Web library
 (2000+ links) - contains wide range of information anyone can use to help youth living in poverty have more support helping them move through school and into adult lives.

Resources for tutoring/mentoring
Link to research section of Tutor/Mentor Institute library
Links to Funding, Philanthropy, Business Involvement
Links to process improvement, innovation, etc. section of Tutor/Mentor Institute library
Much focus of 21st century education is on thinking skills, creativity, working with others. The links in this section of the library can be applied by youth, volunteers, organizations, businesses, etc. to solve day to day problems, and/or to solve complex community-wide problems.

Links to blogs, opinion, on-line forums
Blogs are a format for sharing personal opinion and stories that attract attention to ideas and strategies. Most blogs include links to many other blogs. Thus, this is a constantly expanding universe of ideas.  In one section I attempt to point to blogs of different tutor/mentor programs in Chicago. Thus far, too few are using blogs in all the ways they could be.  

Links to other programs in Illinois and beyond – benchmarking opportunities

Technology, cool-tools
Other Categories in Library

Tutor/Mentor Institute articles
While the majority of information shared on T/MC web sites represents ideas of other people and organizations, a portion of the ideas represent Dan Bassill's own ideas and vision, based on 40 years of leading a single tutor/mentor program, and of helping similar programs grow in more places. presentations (111K Views as of 5/10/17)
    * No general goes to war -
    * Innovation race -
    * How to use program locator -
    * Planning Calendar on Scribd.
    * Visualization on scribd
    * Building Network of Purpose -
    * Unleash personal power -
    * Community Information Collection -
    * Vertical and Horizontal Networks.
    * 4-part strategy on Scribd -
    * SNA – by Intern-Mina -
    * SNA – by Intern- Chul -
    * Use of maps in dropout prevention strategy -
    * Tutor/Mentor Institute strategy (TMLN) -
    * Community Area maps 2013 -
    * Year Round strategy -
    * Virtual Corporate office -
    * Problem Solving strategy -
    * Faith Community Network Building -
    * Mentor Role in Larger Strategy -
    * Theory of Change -
    *  Map stories 1990s -
    *  Forming college based T/MC -
    * Career Ladder -
    * Total Quality Mentoring - 
    * Using Maps in Violence Prevention -
    * Using Intentional Influence to Motivate Change -

    Slide Share presentations -
    Below are a few out of more than 20 presentations on Slideshare

    Strategy Visualizations Created by Interns - Between 2006 and 2016 interns from a variety of universities have created visualizations to interpret Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC strategies. Visit these links to browse this collection:

    *  Animations and visualizations by interns:
    *  Introduction to interns
    *  List of intern visualizations 

    *  Videos by interns -
    Additional Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC idea pages; Concept maps
    Other Visualizations of the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC strategies:

    Conference web site
      History/Awards Tutor/Mentor Connection 1993-present; Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC, 2011-present  

      Mapping for Justice and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Blog articles

      Social Network Analysis articles
      Creating networks and using network maps to understand who is participating, as well as who is missing, is an ongoing focus of Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and Tutor/Mentor Connection. Along the left site of this blog is a list of "tags".  Browse articles  under networking, network building, and network analysis to follow this set of ideas.  
      NOTE: I was inspired to create this list in January 2016 after viewing a screen cast video that Terry Elliott used to highlight a list of podcasts posted on a blog by Bryan Alexander.  As I viewed the screen cast I though that it might be useful for me to create a similar list, pointing to various resources in my own Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Library.  

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