Thursday, March 30, 2017

What is Segregation Costing Chicago?

I started building a library of ideas in 1973 as I began my first year as a volunteer tutor. I used the ideas to figure out what to do each week.  Then, in 1975 when I began to lead the volunteer program at Montgomery Ward, I shared the ideas with volunteers and other leaders, so more people would help build a great program.

In 1993 when we launched the Tutor/Mentor Connection, the library was a core part of our strategy. I shared ideas to help other programs grow, and to help leaders from business, religion, universities, etc. develop proactive strategies that help programs grow in every poverty neighborhood.

I've have several cost of poverty articles in this section of my web library.  This week a new cost of segregation in Chicago study was released, and I've added it to the library. Here's a link to the story as it appeared in The Chicago Reporter.

I hope you'll read the story, then I hope you'll share it with others, in an effort to build a growing network of people who are concerned, and who take actions that help bring mentor-rich non-school programs to youth in highly segregated neighborhoods, while connecting those youth and their families with the resources of the greater Chicago region.

I'd be happy to act as your guide.

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