Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fan donates $220k to send band to football game. How much to help kids get to college?

On Saturday night I watched a bit of the Ohio State vs Texas football game. I heard the announcers say that an Ohio State benefactor had provided $220,000 to bring the entire OSU band to Texas for the game.

I love football, but I wonder how much that money could have done to help a few more inner city kids get the adult support they need to be able to attend either one of these universities.

Maybe this benefactor also gives millions of dollars to charities helping kids.... I hope so.

As leader of I know how hard it is to find $5,000 a month to pay our rent and keep our kids connected to tutor/mentors. Donations over $200,000 would cover the operating costs of my program for an entire year.

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