Thursday, August 23, 2007

Help Recruit Volunteers for Tutor/Mentor Programs

Here is an ad that was created for me by some volunteers several years ago. I use it and two other cartoon images because it illustrates how someone can help a youth, as a mentor, tutor, friend, or by using their talent to help a tutor/mentor programs connect additional tutors and mentors.

This is a different version. It also points to the Tutor/Mentor Connection's web site where people can find information on how to start a program, or where they might volunteer, or enroll a child. However, this is one that a business can put on its web site, or in local media or a trade magazine.

Just put your logo in the middle of the ad, and you're showing your support for tutoring/mentoring.

If hundreds of businesses do this over the next few weeks, thousands of volunteers will become part of tutor/mentor programs in Chicago and in other cities around the country.

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