Sunday, September 02, 2007

National Service Feature in TIME magazine

There is a nice special section on National Service at

I encourage you to read it and share your thoughts. The timing is good because my hope is that this article encourages more people to think about ways they can volunteer in a tutor/mentor program. If you're someone who is reading because of this article, you can use the Chicago Program Links and Program Locator to find information about places in the Chicago region where you can volunteer, or make a financial donation to support a tutor/mentor program.

While it's great that TIME has created this focus, I feel we need to expand the discussion beyond getting volunteers involved, to keeping them involved for the many years, many places, and many ways, it takes to help a youth move from elementary school to a first job.

Did you read the TIME article? What are your thoughts?

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david said...

I have no problem with "service" done voluntarily -- people who want to help others, or contribute to a cause, etc.

But the article implies - directly and indirectly - that compulsory service is the way to go, and that is where the entire case goes awry. Compulsory service is nothing short of state-sponsored slavery, and must never happen in America.