Monday, August 18, 2008

What can one person do today to make a difference?

Did you get up this morning inspired to do something special? Did you read the paper, or watch the news, and feel overpowered, not able to have an impact on the big problems of Chicago, or the world?

You don't need to feel this way. There is something you can do EVERYDAY that can help make this a better world.

Use your Whuffie power. What's this? It's a description of the social network and reputation that people accumulate. I just learned about this term over the weekend at this post.

We all have some Whuffie power. If we use it strategically, I think we can change the world. Or at least we can help a lot of the people who are trying to change the world get the resources they need every day to keep doing their work.

Look at the graphic above. Everyone has people in their network who work in business, or are at universities, or in church. Some of these people have more power than others, and more ability to have an impact on a tutor/mentor program.

You can connect the people in your network to information that they can use to become a volunteer, donor, advocate and/or leader of a volunteer-based tutor/mentor program in Chicago, or of other organizations that you can find as you browse the LINKS LIBRARY on our web site.

You can connect them to strategic thinking concept maps, that they can incorporate into their own leadership.

If you, and other people use blogs, email, phone calls, group meetings and other forms of communications to connect one person a day to this network, the number of people helping kids in this city will dramatically increase. Ultimately some of these people will have the wealth and Whuffie to have a quantum impact on the entire tutor/mentor movement, not just one or two programs.

It's really simple. But it can change the world. Look in the mirror at the end of the day and keep score. Who did you connect to the Tutor/Mentor Connection today?

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