Friday, January 16, 2009

Messages to President-elect Obama

This photo is from a 1999 Tutor/Mentor Leadership and Networking Conference where Barack Obama was a speaker. During this conference he helped pass out best practice awards and grants made by the Lawyers Lend A Hand Program at the Chicago Bar Association/Foundation.

This graphic illustrates the role we hope President Obama will take in the coming weeks, months and years. If he encourages people he influences to take on leadership roles, and to provide personal sacrifices of time, talent and dollars, in high poverty neighborhoods of Chicago and other urban areas, his leadership can change the way non profits working with kids are supported, and can provide real pipelines to jobs and careers for kids who will be watching the inauguration from their first grade classrooms.

Be the hope! Be the leader. Point people to maps and program locator search portals that enable people to understand where and why volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs are needed, and ways they can help keep such programs connected with kids and volunteers throughout the 4 to 8 years you will be in office.

During the coming week every member of the Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection staff will be writing blog articles and spreading messages on Facebook, Linked In and to tell the story of volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs and to encourage leadership involvement. I hope that others will do the same and that they will link stories as suggested in this blog exchange article.

Visit the new Tutor/Mentor Institute section to find more ways to support a volunteer-based tutor/mentor program strategy.

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Char Paul said...

i'm not sure what the tutoring needs are in my city. but i guess there is only one way to find out :-) will let you know how it goes.