Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Mentoring Youth to Careers - Math Mentors Needed

An article came across my desk this morning with the headline of "Teens prepared for math, science careers, yet lack mentors".

The maps we post at show the high poverty areas in Chicago and locations of poorly performing school. You can use the Program Locator to search by zip code for contact information of volunteer-based tutoring and/or mentoring programs in different parts of the city.

Thus, if you're someone who agrees with the MIT article about math mentors, and who has a math/science background, why not give some time as a mentor and tutor in one of these tutor/mentor programs. Better yet, why not help new programs grow where none now exist?

If you're an alumni of MIT, or University of Chicago, or Northwestern, and thinking of where to put a $300 million donation, why not donate it to groups who can build an infrastructure of non-school volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs serving inner city kids and with goals reflected in this strategy map.

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