Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bring Your Game - Must See Video

Below is a video featuring many high profile African American entertainers and sports figures giving a message of education as the path to opportunity. If you're a parent, teacher, mentor or big brother, try to get the kids you are working with to watch this.

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Once you've watched this there are a couple of questions I'd like you to reflect on

a) if the teachers in inner city schools don't know this video exists, or are not interested in showing it, how will the kids see it?

b) if parents or guardians in inner city neighborhoods are not using the Internet, or don't know about this video, or can't motivate their kids to watch it, how will the kids see it

c) if there's a Boys & Girls Club, non-school tutor/mentor programs and/or YMCA with technology and youth workers in the neighborhood,they could be showing this to the kids who attend, but many neighborhoods don't have such programs.

So, what are the celebrities who are featured in this video doing to help create revenue and visibility streams that provide the resources to youth serving organizations in inner city neighborhoods so that kids not only see this video, but have men and women in their lives to help them understand the message and incorporate it into their lives?

Introduce those leaders to the Tutor/Mentor Connection and they can use our ideas and their visibility and power to help make tutor/mentor programs available in more places.

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