Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Leadership Visions (and actions) wanted

All of the articles I've written since 2005 aim to mobilize leaders from many sectors and many cities who will apply ideas I share in essays like ROLE OF LEADERS in efforts to make mentor-rich learning programs available to k-12 kids in more high poverty areas.

Here's a 100 Minds from Around the World page hosted by STEELCASE to celebrate their 100th year anniversary, where 100 leaders are talking of their vision for the future.

Can we find a sponsor who will recruit similar leaders to talk about their vision for how we make mentor-rich learning programs available all over the country, and keep such programs in place for a few decades so they all grow to be great and they all have greater impact on kids moving through school and into 21st century jobs and responsibilities?

Can such leaders use this "year round strategy" to help focus messaging on different topics as we move through the year?

I'm sure this is already happening in some places. Share the links if you know of such examples.

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