Monday, February 03, 2014

Interns as network builders

This video is one of four short videos created by SUNJOONG YOO, and intern from South Korea and IIT, to encourage more viewers to look at ideas shared on Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web sites. Take a look!

In many articles on this blog I talk about how non profits have too few advertising dollars to draw larger numbers of visitors to their web sites, or to information that educates business, philanthropy, policy makers, media and others about ways they could support the growth of long-term tutor/mentor programs reaching k-12 youth in high poverty areas. The videos and visualizations done by interns working with me in Chicago for six week periods in Jan-Feb and May-June are examples of work that could be done by youth in thousands of locations, as part of their own learning and skill building, and as part of a larger effort aimed at generating more consistent support for youth tutoring, mentoring programs in more places.

Internships and career education are the topic of this week's Deeper Learning MOOC (#DLMOOC). The reading material includes articles like this, where a programs deeper goals are described as "Finally, the LTI is not simply about the product that is created or the service that is rendered. On a deeper level, it is about teenagers learning to become mature, thoughtful adults."

If youth in your organization create their own PSAs aimed at drawing your own volunteers, leaders, donors into an on-line learning space, they can point to the same materials as my interns are pointing to.

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