Friday, September 26, 2014

Building teams to support non profit sector orgs

The map below illustrates a key challenge small non profits and social enterprises face. They need a wide range of talent and skills but don't often have the ability to find and recruit such talent, or to keep it for many years.

I have written many articles on this topic, such as this one, since this is the most important challenge keeping us for solving some of the complex problems facing our world.

I'm seeking this same range of talent to support my own efforts to help youth in high poverty areas move through school and into jobs and careers. If you're in the Chicago region, we can meet at a coffee shop, or in the LOOP, or at the next Tutor/Mentor Conference on Friday, November 7.

If you're from a beyond Chicago, anywhere in the world, we can connect on the Tutor/Mentor Connection forum, or on Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook, as well as by email or Skype. This page provides links and contact information.

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