Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Making Sense of Tutor/Mentor Connection Articles

I created this Learning Path concept map several years ago to help people navigate the information I've been collecting for more than 20 years. The goal was to help more people understand, embrace and adopt these ideas in their own efforts to help inner city kids move from birth to work with the help of volunteers and organized non school tutoring, mentoring and learning programs.

Over the past two weeks, Wona Chang, a South Korean student intern from IIT in Chicago, has spent about five hours a day looking at this concept map, and following the links to see where they lead. Yesterday she posted the presentation below as a new path that people could follow to learn what is available to them via the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC and Tutor/Mentor Connection.

After creating the presentation using Prezi (no longer available) she created a YouTube video with the information.

This version was the English Language version. Wona also created a version in Korean, so that people from South Korea could view it and perhaps adopt some of the ideas to apply in South Korea and Asia, or to become sponsors supporting Tutor/Mentor Connection type intermediaries in US cities where South Korean companies are selling merchandise. (2017 update- the Prezi versions are no longer available).

Visit the Tutor/Mentor Connection forum to see how I've coached students to do this type of work over the past 9 years. I believe that students from different parts of Chicago, or other cities in the US, or the world, could be creating similar presentations, focused on applying these ideas in high poverty areas of their own countries. Or they could apply the four-part strategy to collecting information about any other economic, health, environmental or social issue that they want to help solve.

If you'd like to be involved in creating such presentations, or become a sponsor to help with this work, connect with me on one of these social media sites.

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