Sunday, March 01, 2015

Connecting those who can help, with those who need help - Donor Engagement

I found a great article on Forbes titled, Social Enterprise vs. Non-Profits: Is There Really A Difference? in which one fund raising professional says "labels of non-profit and for-profit are merely tax differentiators".

This is an interview with Atul Tandon, who "was named by the Association of Fundraising Professionals as one of the best fundraisers in the country". I hope you'll read the article. It's important to me since I'm no longer operating under a 501-c-3 tax status, but I'm still doing the same work I've been doing since 1993 under a 501-c-3 status. I still need financial support from others to help me do this work.

Mr. Tandon describes successful non profit leaders as "bridge builders" who are "building bridges between donors and the cause and the beneficiary." That's what I do.

No visualizations were included in the Forbes article, but I've included a few of my own visualizations, created over the past 20 years, to illustrate how much I see myself in this role, connecting people who can help, to organizations who engage volunteers in organizations intended to help transform the lives of youth living in high poverty inner city neighborhoods.

If you do a Google search for "tutor/mentor institute network building" then look at the images page, you'll see quite a few more visualizations illustrating how I seek to connect people from many different sectors, with information and ideas they can use to support youth serving organizations reaching youth in high poverty areas.

I've also posted a few of my graphics on Pinterest. Take a look. If this helps you understand what I'm doing, I hope you won't let my tax status keep you from taking a role and helping me do this.

Thanks to Linda Spencer, who shared this Forbes article via a Linkedin Group.

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