Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Connecting the Dots - Interview on BlogTalkRadio

Over the past 40 years I've aggregated a huge library of personal experiences and information that I've used to build and lead volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs in Chicago, and that is freely available for others to used to build and sustain similar programs in Chicago, or any other city in the world.

The big challenge is that I never have had advertising dollars, or celebrity spokespeople, to help draw attention to this information. Thus, I'm really pleased when people like Valerie Leonard spend time looking through the information, then create opportunities to help me share what I'm doing with others.

Visit this link and listen to my interview with Valerie on yesterday's BlogTalkRadio show.

Browse stories I've posted on this blog since 2005 and you'll see graphics similar to this in many articles. They suggest that if people like me are aggregating information about a problem and potential solutions, then other people, like Valerie, can take roles that share this information with people in their network, and point those people to sections of Chicago, or other cities, where they can offer time, talent and dollars to implement what they learn.

Thank you Valerie. I hope others will duplicate your own efforts.

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