Thursday, February 11, 2016

Catch an Idea. Pass it On. Build the Network.

My friend Terry Elliott, a professor at Western Kentucky University, saw one of my Twitter posts, in which I shared a link to the concept map at the left. 

If you've followed my blog, you'll recall that Terry and I met through a Making Learning Connected cMOOC, and exchanged some visualization ideas last July in this article. We've continued to exchange ideas since then and Terry has repeatedly taken time to go through my stories then share them on his blog. I hope more people take this role.

Based on the map I shared via Twitter, Terry created a new version, which you can see below, and in this page on his blog. 

If you click on the image it will open in another screen, large enough for you to read what Terry wrote.  If you open Terry's blog you'll see that he imported the image from his Google drive, which enables you to zoom in and out, without needing to open a new window. I've not figured that out yet, but part of this idea exchange is a constant exposure to new ways of communicating an idea.

Toward the end of his article, Terry says "I hope Daniel revisits those fields".  I did. My response is the graphic shown below.

I said, "Me Too!" to Terry's hope that more people would do new versions of my map.  I also added a graphic from this page, showing work interns have been doing since 2007 to create new interpretations of the ideas I've launched.  I also included a graphic that illustrates the potential that any of us can have a powerful affect on many other people as we go through our lives, if only we will make the effort.  That graphic is from an article I titled "How Can One Person Change the Future?"

In the article I posted yesterday, I included a map of the world, illustrating the goal of having youth in schools, universities, faith groups and tutor/mentor programs located in many different places, creating their own versions of these graphics and articles, with much greater talent and energy than I've every been able to put into this. I outlined an idea for this on my planning wiki. It just needs a sponsor and partners to make it happen.

I'm attending a reception tonight in Chicago to meet the new President of Illinois Wesleyan University, which is from where I graduated with a history degree in 1968. In 2001 IWU, then led by Minor Myers, Jr., awarded me with an honorary PhD for the work I had done up to that point.  My hope is that a group of students and facility from IWU will join in on this exchange of ideas and purpose. 

Thank you to Terry Elliott and others who are already amplifying the ideas I share. You're providing a road map that makes it easier for others to follow.

I hope Daniel revisits those fields and replants them and husbands them in different ways.   - See more at:
I hope Daniel revisits those fields and replants them and husbands them in different ways.   - See more at:
I hope Daniel revisits those fields and replants them and husbands them in different ways.   - See more at:


tellio said...

I don't know if this is an accident but the movement outward goes from practice to a larger hope. I tend to think in those terms, practice is the foundation for hope. I think we call that vision. It is infectious and viral. I wi;; do my part to spread it.

Tutor Mentor Connections said...

Thanks Terry. I added your latest blog article to this concept map. Hope the number of people who follow your lead will grow.