Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Finding Time for Reading and Reflecting

Yesterday I posted an article about engaging universities as partners and hosts to the Tutor/Mentor Institute.  I wonder how many found time to read it.

Today I found three articles that relate to my work.

Community Engagement Matters More than Ever.  This is a Stanford Social Innovation Review article. http://ssir.org/articles/entry/community_engagement_matters_now_more_than_ever

From Community to Prosperity, by Ben Hetch, president  of Living Cities.  click here

The Wisdom of Linus Torvalds,  http://ideas.ted.com/the-wisdom-of-linus-torvalds/

The interview with Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux and inspiration behind the open source movement, shows how one person, with a passion, persistence and vision, can dramatically change the world. 

Every one of my blog articles links to other articles, which in turn, lead to even more. The three article I shared today, each lead to additional reading.  I added them to this section of my web library.

Who has time to look at this?   Students.

Or people who have a passion for helping others, ending poverty, reducing inequality, etc.

Because the amount of information is so great, the learning process needs to be stretched out over a period of years.  Schools can support this. So can faith groups. Or reading clubs. Or retirees.

Finding ways and places where people connect with others, who may be located in different cities and countries, is something that people like those at Living Cities are focusing on.  It's something I've been focused on, too.

I've posted articles about MOOCs and Learning on this blog. That's more reading for those who are interested.  

Torvalds talked about the tipping point in building the open source movement. He said " the big part was getting the community"  which was the first 10 to 100 people who joined the effort.

Over the past 20 years many people have helped me, but due to life changes, career changes, etc, few have been able to stay consistently involved in doing the work of building and leading the Tutor/Mentor Institute.  Thus, i'm still looking for a few others who share the vision and offer different talents and skills needed to upgrade existing web sites and technology and carry it forward into the future...with others in the lead, but using the ideas and resources I've aggregated over the past 40 years. 

I think that others who are working to solve complex problems are looking for the same range of support. If my worksheet is useful to you, use it.   If you'd like to offer your talent and time to help me, I'd like to hear from you.

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