Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spreading good ideas to more places. What's needed?

If the carrot represents a good idea we want to support, or we want to duplicate in more places,  how do we get more people to "chase the carrot"?

Especially if we don't have an advertising budget?

I've been writing about this for many years. Rather than re-write a former blog article, I'll just point you to a few and hope you'll open the links and take a look.

What is Information Based Problem Solving - written in March 2016 - click here

What do I do? What is a MOOC? - written in February 2013 - click here

What if 1% of Election Spending were focused on problem solving? - written in April 2015 - click here

What does Knowledge Based problem solving mean? - written in Nov. 2014 - click here

Problem Solving, Systems Thinking. Hacking: Violence, Education, Jobs - written July 2014 - click here 

These are just a few of many articles written on this topic since 2015. Click here and scroll through the articles and you'll find these, and more.

I share these with the goal that readers will gather a group of friends, co-workers, and family members and read these as a group, then spend time talking about how the ideas might apply to them, in their own community, and in their own efforts to help economically disadvantaged kids get the extra, and on-going, support they need to move safely through school and into adult lives.

If you're having this discussion on Twitter, Facebook or Linked in, please invite me to join  you.

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