Saturday, April 07, 2018

Forming Tutor/Mentor Hospital Connection

Some times I'm stuck when trying to decide what to write about on this blog. In those cases I look back to see what I had written on this date in previous years.

I did that today. I looked at April 3, 2008 and found an article titled "Hospitals Bleeding Red Ink" that pointed at local newspaper stories talking about "Hospitals serving the poor are bleeding red ink as the uninsured ranks grow, health-care costs climb, and more government cutbacks loom."

In that article I pointed to a PDF that had been first developed for me by a team of graduate students at DePaul University, which is a strategic planning template that hospital leaders could use in creating a strategy to help lower the costs of poverty in the area around the hospital by supporting the growth of non-school, volunteer-based, tutor, mentor and learning programs in the area.

I've been trying to form partnerships with local and national hospitals since the late 1990s. The concept map at the right was included in a December 2017 article and points to many previous articles on this subject.

Hospitals and universities in every major city have the potential to take on intermediary roles that influence what happens in the area surrounding their facilities and campuses. Many already do much. My goal is to get ideas that I've been sharing into their strategic planning committees, so they can be asking "Is there more we could be doing?"

Update 4-17-18: Just learned about West Side United - a hospital led initiative intended to improve health of people on West Side of Chicago.

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