Sunday, April 22, 2018

Celebrating Earth Day. Do the Climate Crisis Homework

Around the world people are doing many things to celebrate Earth Day.

My goal is that people look to the roots of a problem. What does it take to build a strong healthy tree, or a strong, healthy adult?

I posted an article in October 2016 under the headline "Climate Crisis - Environmental Racism".  Since then I've added updates with links to additional articles that I encourage you to read.

It takes many years for a healthy tree to grow, just as it takes 25-30 years for a child to grow from birth to the beginning of their mature adult years. 

In my October 2016 article I included this 350.0rg map, showing places all over the world where people are working to address the climate crisis.  I've  used similar maps to show places all over Chicago and throughout the US where kids live in poverty and need help for many years to grow into adults who can raise their own kids free of the challenges of extreme poverty.

Whatever you do today to celebrate Earth Day, I hope you'll spend some time in web libraries like mine, building a deeper understanding of the problems and of potential solutions.

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