Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Chicago Public Schools Annual Regional Analysis

The graphic below is just one page in a comprehensive analysis of school quality in one of Chicago Public Schools' 16 regions. Visit this page and see a list of the 16 regions. Choose whichever interests you, and dig in. This is an annual report, for 2017-18.

Report for Greater Calumet area - pdf
In articles on this blog, and the MappingforJustice blog I've frequently shown how maps can be used to understand the need for extra support of kids and families in different parts of Chicago.  There's no single interactive source for the type of analysis that needs to be done, so users will need to learn to draw from multiple map platforms.

For instance, the image below is a screen shot from a section of the Chicago Health Atlas, showing the North Lawndale area of Chicago.  I posted an article earlier today pointing to some of its features.

If you layer health disparities over poverty and locations of poorly performing schools you'd find the are the same areas. Building the public attention, and will, to draw needed resources into these areas, and keep it there for 10-20 years, is a mountain few have tried to climb. Yet is is a journey that needs to be taken, which I've tried over the past 25 years.

These are just two data resources you might use. Visit this concept map, and find many others.

I would like to find others who are trying to make sense of this data, and who are putting stories in blogs the way I do, with the same goals of mobilizing resources to support needed tutor, mentor and learning programs in areas where maps show a need.

In the Tweet I've embedded, I found some other statistics about poverty.

"More than 31 million children in America are growing up poor, or near poor. More than HALF of the students attending U.S. public schools are from low-income households."  An analysis of the maps and the data will show where those kids live, which is where we need to be pointing resources, jobs programs and other help.

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