Thursday, May 05, 2005

Tutor/Mentor eConference Begins!

Tonight at 2am Chicago time the May 6-12 Tutor/Mentor eConference will be launched by Lukas Ritzel who will be delivering a live welcome from his home in Switzerland. I'm afraid I'll need to look at the archive to hear that. I'll be in bed!!

My welcome will be delivered tomorrow at 7am Chicago time. I hope you have some coffee and will join me. If you are not able to participate in a workshop when it is live, you'll be able to log in later and review the presentation. If you come to this blog, you'll still be able to ask questions.

It's exciting to see so many people from around the world joined together in this common effort. Credit for putting this together goes to Andrew Pincon of the Digital Workforce Education Society of the City Colleges of Chicago. I hope you'll join in workshops, and add your comments in blogs hosted by myself and other speakers.

I'm hoping to have a Directory available by Saturday that will enable anyone who enters an econference portal to register and post an introduction of themselves. This will enable any participant to directly contact any other participant, during or after the econference. For those planning on coming to Chicago for next week's conference, this will help you make plans to meet people you may want to meet.

The space is now open. We've done all we can to attract good speakers and to send invitations to thousands of people. It's up to each of you to make this work. Have fun! I hope you meet some new friends.

Dan Bassill

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