Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Calling all tutors, mentors! Let's connect.

This morning I spoke with one of the people who did an on-line workshop in yesterday's econference and she told me that she'd already told two people about her role in the econference and in the May 12 and 13 conference in Chicago. One told how she'd been helped by a mentor when she was a teen and the other expressed interest in the tutor/mentor networking that we are doing.

That's the purpose of these conferences and this blog. There are thousands of people in this country who have been helped by a mentor, or who have been a mentor or donated money or time to lead a tutor/mentor program. Many of these people are no longer active, but have great experiences and loyalties to the concept of tutoring/mentoring.

By setting up econference portals and on-line communities, and by hosting face to face gatherings in Chicago and other cities, our hope is that people who attend these events will talk to others and that this will draw others who have been involved into this on-line community where their commitment can turn into actions that help support the growth of tutor/mentor programs in all parts of the country/world.

When you read this Blog, or visit a T/MC web site, or attend a conference, all you need to do is tell one or two other people about your experience and give them a web site address where they too can get connected.

As we increase the number of people in the conversation we'll be able to brainstorm ways we can share the responsibility for building greater visibility and a more consistent flow of volunteers, dollars, technology, leadership, etc. into every single tutor/mentor program in every city in America.

By changing the flow of resources we can increase the quality and the availability of programs.

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