Monday, May 23, 2005

Tutor/Mentor eConference, Today, May 23, hosted by IUPUI

For nearly 30 years I've been sending out invitations for others who work of volunteer with tutoring/mentoring programs to come together to share ideas, network and collaborate.

A few years ago while hosting a conference at a Chicago hotel, a man from another conference at the same hotel stopped by our registration table to introduce himself. He was from Indianapolis and had an interest in mentoring.

A couple years after that people from IUPUI in Indianapolis began attending the Tutor/Mentor Conferences in Chicago. It turns out the first person who accident I started talking to, and who I had added to my email newsletter list, had been forwarding my email to others.

Today IUPUI will be hosting a Tutor/Mentor eConference, using the Internet as a meeting place. The web site is

This shows what can happen by one person creating space where others can meet and network.

I hope that some of the people who attend today's even will be new partners and leaders in the Tutor/Mentor movement one or a few years from now. That's our goal in hosting these events. We want to stimulate actions that lead to more and better volunteer based tutor/mentor programs in places where they are needed.

You're welcome to join in. It's Free. If you cannot join today, visit and join one of our eGroups. The next conferences will be in November, but our focus now is on volunteer recruitment as school starts in August and September.

Thanks to everyone who is taking part in today's event, especially to IUPUI for hosting and organizing the slate of speakers.

If you participate in today's eConference and would like to provide comments or feedback, please add a comment to this message.

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