Saturday, March 15, 2008

Student Song Calls for Change Following School Shooting.

Dana Mackey, a former staffer and volunteer with Cabrini Connections, who works at Phoenix Military Academy in Chicago, sent me this message:

"Check out a few of my students from Phoenix Military Academy on the news!!! David Woulard is such an amazing kid. He wrote this song this past weekend after a Crane HS student was shot and killed 2 blocks from my school.

I asked David the other day after school in the computer lab if he knew any Keane songs and he said, "Is Everybody's Changing ok Ms. Mackey?". He played the whole song and nearly had me in tears. That song is one of my favorites and I didn't think he'd actually know it. If any of you out there have any contacts in the music world, let me know!!

Check out this website to read the ABC 7 Chicago story and listen to his song... "

I hope you'll all take a look.

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