Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Want to be happy? Give your money away!

Scientists at the University of British Columbia have proved that acts of philanthropy can be a short-cut to achieving happiness. Really!! Read the full article.

Donate to a tutor/mentor program from the programs listed in the Chicago Programs Links Library and you can help a child, and help yourself.

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Outreach Intern said...

Thanks for leaving your thoughts on my post at the Nonprofit Congress blog website! You're absolutely right about the value of conferences for getting face time- I didn't even think about that until you mentioned it. Some organizations go an entire year with no face time except for their annual conference, which sustains the members or clients during the other 364 days of email, website, or phone contact. It's so easy to forget the impact of meeting someone face-to-face as nonprofit networking is becoming increasingly driven by online communications. I'm glad you brought up the point--it makes the case in a new way for conferences like yours and the Nonprofit Congress. Best of luck with your conference; I hope you get plenty of quality face time with it!

Elizabeth, Outreach Intern
NCNA & Nonprofit Congress