Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jewish Donors Urged To Aid Small Charities - What can we learn from this?

I visited the Give and Take Blog on the Chronicle of Philanthropy web site today and read an article titled Jewish Donors Urged To Aid Small Charities.

I followed the links on the article to an Op-Ed: titled "Invest in Innovation". I encourage you to read it. It shows how the writers recognize the power of small, fast-innovating organizations, and the need for these organizations to find donations in this tough economy.

This is exactly what I hope leaders of Chicago's Jewish community will do, but that they will apply their generosity to supporting volunteer based tutor/mentor programs in all parts of the Chicago region, and the Tutor/Mentor Connection, not just Jewish causes.

The map I've posted shows poverty in Chicago and Jewish synagogues. If leadership in this community were mobilizing donors, many tutor/mentor programs could be receiving donations to help them through the summer and through the 2009-10 school year.

In the Interactive Chicago Tutor/Mentor Program Locator, you can create views of each major faith denomination, and see how tutor/mentor programs all over the region could benefit if volunteers and donors were being consistently mobilized by different congregations.

If you are writing such an article for your faith community, business, or alumni group, please send a copy to the Tutor/Mentor Connection so we can give you recognition for this leadership role.

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