Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Visualizing Complex Strategies

If you've read many of the articles on this blog you'll see that I use maps to visualize strategies and concepts. This one, for instance, illustrates what might happen if resource providers were acting like shoppers, searching for tutor/mentor programs all over the city.

This is one of many concept maps I've created to illustrate the Tutor/Mentor Connection's strategy. I've learned much of what I do from people like George Siemens, who publishes an eLearning blog and shares great ideas on knowledge management and innovation.

These concept maps are one visualization strategy. We also use real maps, created with Geographic Information systems. Click here to read articles that illustrate uses of maps. Click here to see our new Chicago Tutor/Mentor Program Locator, launched this week. Take a look at the interactive map. It's a brand new feature.

We've changed a few of our web sites in the past couple of months, and this resulted in broken links on the concept maps. I've been trying to fix these for about six weeks, and just could not get the updates to work. Finally last week I deleted all of the old maps, and put in new ones. Of course, that created a different problem, because it changed the links from my blogs to the maps.

Thus, I've spent all day today trying to fix this. I think I've patched most of them, but the links in past articles to the concept maps, will still be broken.

Thus, if you've been looking at our concept maps, use this link as the entry. From here you can navigate to all of the other concept maps we've done. If you're looking for one in particular, just email me and I'll send you a link.

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