Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lawyers Celebrate Support for Tutor/Mentor Programs

On Thursday, July 16, lawyers and judges in Chicago will gather to celebrate the work they have done in the past year to support at-risk youth, through volunteer-based tutoring and/or mentoring programs operating in different parts of the Chicago region.

This event is part of an on-going strategy of the SunTimes Marovitz Lawyers Lend-a-Hand to Youth Program, which is raising money and recruiting volunteers to support the operations of volunteer-based tutoring/mentoring programs in the Chicago region.

The Tutor/Mentor Connection and Cabrini Connections are beneficiaries of the grant making and leadership of the Lend A Hand Program. We're pleased to have been one of the catalysts for the growth of this effort, since we first connected in 1994.

As you look at what the Lend A Hand is doing, we hope leaders in other industries, professions, faith groups and civic groups will review this strategy map animation, and see how they can form similar groups in their own industries.

Leadership from many industries will result in volunteers and donors from many different sectors becoming part of Cabrini Connections and other tutor/mentor programs in the region, filling more of our operating budgets with dollars from many sources, and filling our tutor/mentor programs with volunteers who can mentor many different types of jobs and career opportunities.

You can launch such a strategy, just by writing blog articles, or posting links in company or church newsletters in August, encouraging your members to visit T/MC web sites and learn about the different programs operating in Chicago, and ways to use time, talent and dollars to help each grow to be the best in the country.

If you'd like our help, or can offer your support to the Tutor/Mentor Connection, just call 312-492-9614.

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Fer*Cambe said...

Shout out to the work done by Pedro Noguera and the NYU Metro Center for City kids - all funded by the United Way! Tutoring changes lives!