Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mozilla Service Week

Looking for ways to give time and talent? If you visit this link to learn about Mozilla Service Week, you'll see a story about how Tim Hogan and members of his web development company are helping the Tutor/Mentor Connection update their web site. They are using their blog to draw attention to their work, and to recruit other volunteers. If other companies would do this they would be helping us mobilize more of the resources we need to help kids at Cabrini Connections and similar programs.

Tim first became a volunteer with the Cabrini Connections program a few years ago. Recently he contacted me and said he had "more time to get involved". If you read the stories on his blog you'll see how his team is doing some serious work to help our non profit improve its efforts.

This is what we talk about when we say "business involvement". There are many ways the for profit sector can help non profits be more effective. However, it's not from random acts of kindness, but from thoughtful, deliberate actions, that we improve, and they gain more benefit from their involvement.

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