Monday, April 26, 2010

National Guard, or Village Investment?

Today's papers show political leaders asking that the National Guard be brought into Chicago to help stop the violence. Have we come to that?

Mike Trakan puts this map on his blog this week, to show where these killings are taking place, and to help mobilize business, faith groups, citizens from all parts of the Chicago region, to become a village that changes the assets in these neighborhoods so more kids have positive aspirations and support systems to help them to careers.

This "career map" is one of many graphics I've put on this blog to illustrate that we're not focuses on limited solutions like tutoring, mentoring, youth development or test scores, but on a bigger vision of helping youth born or living in poverty neighborhoods in 2010 be in jobs and careers and living beyond poverty by 2035. See an animated version here.

That's a long term strategy that will take the commitment and leadership of many people in this big village we call Chicago. However, it starts with each person looking in the mirror today or tomorrow and saying "if it is to be, it is up to me".

Can you put yourself in the blue box on this strategy map?

Can you be a benefactor or sponsor to help the Tutor/Mentor Connection continue its role in this strategy map?

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