Friday, April 16, 2010

What if Mom said "go find another home" ... when you were three.

Imagine if your Mom had given birth to you, then one or two years later said, "I can't support you any longer. Go find other parents."

That's pretty much how life is for non profits. For programs like Cabrini Connections working to "help teens grow up" this is a huge challenge. We're constantly looking for new donors to replace old donors, or old donors to make larger donations to cover increasing expenses. We don't have the advertising that big companies have, or the high profile celebrity leaders that some charities have. We're not an earthquake, or a tsunami, which is such a large disaster that it draws donors from around the world.

We're helping kids from high poverty neighborhoods have an expanded network of adults and learning experiences, and safe places in non school hours. We need to find ways to focus attention, and resources, on us, and many other tutor/mentor programs every day, every year.

Thus, I hope you'll read about tonight's Cabrini Connections Arts and Video Festival. Most of you won't be able to attend, but you can look at the work our kids are doing, and see how the learning activities, can also be public awareness and education.

Look at the pictures I've posted. Our teens are showing adults what they do. Look at these pictures and videos and you'll see more of this.

If you want to help inner city kids grow up, please pass this blog on to people you know who might send a donation, or support us with a corporate of foundation grant, or a bequest. If you can donate, use this form and PayPal to make an on-line gift.

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