Sunday, May 09, 2010

One small voice among a constellation of issues

This image of the constellation reminds me of how many people are in the world, and how difficult it is to attract just a few of them to read the ideas shared on this blog, and the links we point to.

I think of this every day, and I am almost ready to give up. The information keeps expanding, but the time people have to read and reflect has not changed. The day still only has 24 hours, and most of them, for most people are focused on personal issues, family issues, work, recreation, politics, health....not on helping inner city kids living in high poverty neighborhoods.

Yet the same image that frustrates me, gives me hope. I don't need every star in the universe to read and respond to this information. I only need a few people with the right mix of talent, network, financial resource, technology, knowledge, and commitment to connect with me and take co-ownership of the ideas we share.

When Margaret Mead wrote about "few people changing the world" the internet was not on her radar. I wonder how she would phrase that possibility today.

In such a big universe, I am optimistic that these people exist. We just have not connected yet.

Maybe today.....

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