Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Network Building - Tutor/Mentor Conference

This is a photo from a workshop hosted by Alex Cornwell, Director, Chicago Lights Tutoring and Summer Day at Fourth Presbyterian Church, and Erin McPartlin, Executive Director, Cabrini-Green Tutoring Program, Inc.

You can meet both in this video.

I received an email from one conference attendee which said, "Hi Dan - I want to thank you and your organization for providing scholarships for me and my staff person. I found the workshops to be insightful and the keynote speakers knowledgeable. I wanted to speak with you on several occasions but every time I wanted to approach you someone else would get your attention."

At every conference, I have a chance to meet and talk to just a few of the participants, and that's why we created the Attendee List and the Tutor/Mentor Connection on Ning.

We want to have on-going discussions with every one of the 140 people who attended this conference, and the 3,000 or more who have attended conferences since we launched them in 1994. We also want to encourage this type of interaction between the people who come to the conference, and those who cannot come, so that we create a vibrant idea-sharing network of people who will work together to make sure we all have the tools and resources to keep kids and volunteers connected.

So, let's connect.

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