Friday, June 11, 2010

"Thus is truly a divine organization"

Last night Cabrini Connections hosted it's annual year end dinner, with more than 200 students, parents, alumni, volunteers and leaders in attendance. We'll post photos and videos on the Cabrini Blog and other place over the coming week.

However, I want to share a few quotes while they are fresh in my mind.

One parent spoke for about 10 minutes, gushing with enthusiasm, and love, about the volunteer tutor/mentor who has worked with her daughter for six years. She said of the volunteer and Cabrini Connections, "they go the extra mile" and "This is truly a devin organization."

She ended by presenting a dozen roses to the volunteer.

Then one of our alumi, Tangela Smith Marlow, spoke. Tangela graduated in 1997 after being part of the program since it was founded in 1993. She has finished college, is a mom, has a good job, and now is in graduate school.

She said "I am super mom!"

She also said "This program was my foundation" and "when tutoring is over, that's not the end of it".

There's much more. The video club showcase four short videos. The tech club showed the pilot of a video game they are creating. The art club showcased art they did this year. The writing club presented a story/poem that they created.

These are all part of a Success Steps Strategy intended to help kids living in high poverty neighborhoods grow up to be healthy, contributing adults, who have a network of adults and friends who are still helping them many years past when they were active at Cabrini Connections.

When it was my turn to speak I thanked everyone for the work they do to make Cabrini Connections great, and to bring out the greatness in each student, volunteer and leader.

Then I quoted a frustration expressed by El Da'Sheon Nix, the leader of the Cabrini Connection part of this organization. "If we're doing such good work, why is it so difficult to find the money to pay for it?"

We're not "fixing" broken kids. We're trying to help good kids overcome the challenges of living in high poverty neighborhoods of a huge city. If you think this is important, you should help us do this. Or you should help someone else do this in other neighborhoods where similar programs are needed.

I challenged everyone to share the stories of last night's dinner, and of their experiences with Cabrini Connections, with friends, family, co-workers and anyone who might help with a donation, small or large.

You can still make a dinner donation. You can donate to the alumni fund. Or, you can become a sponsor for the July 15 golf benefit.

If you are a new donor, or if you increase your donation over 2009, your donation will be matched (up to $1,750) by a generous donor.

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