Sunday, September 26, 2010

Inner City Violence - "its not just in Chicago"

I attended a memorial and community resource fair on Saturday at St. Sabina Church, on the South Side of Chicago, near Racine and 79th Street. You could have read about it on the front page of Saturday's Chicago Tribune, and again in today's Tribune.

It was a moving ceremony, with bells rung for each of 78 young people killed this year and with mothers of Derrion Albert and Lazarus Jones and police officer Thomas Wortham speaking to the audience of over 300 people.

I have seen Rev. Dr. Michael L. Pfleger in the news many times, but this was the firs time I've been to his church. I was one of about 40 community based organizations sharing information at the resource fair.

During the service, Fr. Pfleger said "It's not going to stop until we make it stop" and then he added, referring to the Mayoral election "Don't give money to anyone who doesn't have a track record working to end violence or improve schools."

I wish I had had a chance to talk one-on-one to Fr. Pfleger. I would have showing him the maps and the map gallery, and illustrated how political leaders can use these to mobilize and distribute resources to tutor/mentor programs in their districts. I did not get that chance on Saturday, but hope others who want to end violence, will take a look at the way we are using maps.

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