Friday, September 24, 2010

Knowledge Networking - Sharing T/MC vision

Over the past 12 years my knowledge has dramatically expanded because of the way I've been learning from the work other people do all over the world. In many cases, I've been able to re-define my own work when I've hear more articulate writers describe what I do in their own essays.

For instance, here's an article about Knowledge Networking, written by Vikas Nath, Innovator, KnowNet Initiative, Inlaks Fellow (2000-1, London School of Economics. April 2000

I ask all of our staff, volunteers and interns to learn from the information on our web sites so they can build their own understanding of our vision and strategies and be more able to communicate this to people in their own networks. I encourage them to write blog articles to share their growing understanding.

Karina Walker joined our staff as a Public Interest Fellow from Northwestern in July 2010. Here's what she wrote about the Tutor/Mentor Connection vision and purpose today. I hope you'll read this and use it to expand your own understanding.

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