Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Africa Connection

I went on to the Tutor/Mentor Connection forum this morning and saw that one of my African friends, Abdiel Kude, had created a new blog.

When I looked at it I was surprised to see my own photo with this message. "Two gentlemen have influenced my decision to start blogging. One of them is Dan F. Bassill of Cabrini Connections and TutorMentor Connections, Chicago, USA"

I often do Google searches for "tutor mentor" just to see where our ideas are being looked at and I've found sites in different parts of the world where ideas we created are being shared.

This illustrates how the Internet has changed how we work and who we help. It also changes the potential of who helps us. We don't need to depend just on Chicago philanthropy and volunteers, we can find help and give help in all parts of the world.

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