Friday, August 19, 2011

CeaseFire comments on UK rioting

Gary Slutkin who is founder of CeaseFire and based at UIC wrote this article for the Guardian, a UK newspaper: "Rioting is a disease spread from person to person – the key is to stop the infection"

I had posted this map showing London riots on my mapping blog a few days ago.

In 2007 I led off a blog article with this quote:

"Good education predicts good health, and disparities in health and in educational achievement are closely linked," writes Nicholas Freudenberg and Jessica Ruglis, in an article posted at

I've created concept maps to show strategy and to show the long-term work needed to help youth born in poverty move through school and into jobs that enable them to live adult lives free of poverty.

I've hosted conference in Chicago every six months since 1994 and I've invited the Mayor, CPS leaders, CeaseFire and other leaders in Chicago to attend and to use the T/MC resources in their community organizing. I've also invited these leaders to help me find the financial supported needed to keep these resources FREE to Chicago.

In this difficult economic environment collective action intended to generate resources for all of those needed in this work just is not happening.

The next conference will be on November 4 at the Metcalfe Federal Building. I hope those who want to focus on prevention efforts will participate.

If you'd like to provide the financial support needed,use the PayPal on this page.

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