Friday, August 26, 2011

Managing Complexity

As we move from an industrial economy to an information economy we are dealing with much greater complexity. That's what this video is describing. Read about The Complexity Challenge.

As you read about the role of leaders in complex industries, look at this graphic and how the information that we share on this blog and Tutor/Mentor Institute web sites can support the involvement of many organizations in actions that build systems of support for inner city youth.

In this article "Malcolm Gladwell says that if you want to shine, put in 10,000 hours." In the article above the author says "transform or don't survive". This is a critical issue for business leader. While I'm sure many companies are spending millions of dollars on training programs, learning these skills requires motivation and hands-on experiences. My own learning and thinking has come from my 17 years involvement as a volunteer while working for the Montgomery Ward Corporation in 1973-1990 then the past 20 years as leader of a non profit.

My motivation to learn is driven by my passion for the cause. It's never been the paycheck.

If companies are looking for competitive advantage, or ways to survive in this new complex knowledge economy, why not encourage employees to learn to manage complexity through the volunteer roles they take with social sector organizations who are using the most recent business technology to support the learning and involvement of staff and volunteers in their organizations.

Embed the Tutor/Mentor Institute in your organization and let us help you develop this strategy.

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