Monday, June 11, 2012

MMcCarthy: City’s Crime Crisis Is ‘Not Going To Be Solved Overnight’

I encourage you to read this CBS News story where the Chicago Police Department Superintendent says the Crime Crisis is "not going to be solved overnight".

I've been posting stories for many years saying that we need a comprehensive, long-term strategy where leaders from many sectors are involved.

I've also been sharing ideas that leaders could incorporate into their own strategies.

And, I've been hosting a networking conference every six months since 1994, inviting leaders from non-profits, philanthropy, schools, business and faith groups to attend.

I'm hosting another networking event this Thursday, June 14 at First Unitarian Church in Hyde Park. It may be a small crowd since so many other things are going on. But by hosting the event I'm able to draw attention to tutoring/mentoring in email, web sites, blogs, twitter, etc. and hopefully point more people to the ideas I and others share on our web sites, and hopefully build interaction in on-line forums where more of us might connect.

There's still time to register (click here). The Police, Hospitals, even the Mayor's office are welcome to send representatives.

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