Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chicago's Murder Problem - article

Here's a blog article from Chicago Magazine that offers additional perspective about Chicago's Murder Problem.

What I'm looking for are efforts by traditional and nontraditional media to increase the number of people reading these articles then working to build solutions and make the available in every neighborhood where poverty and segregation contribute to the problem.

This is one article I share at showing the goal of "growing the network".

I'd like to find a place on Facebook or Linked in where media, journalists, advertisers, etc. who area already writing about the problems of poverty would share ideas for building and sustaining a growing network of people who will volunteer time, talent and dollars to support information aggregation, better understanding, and solutions in many places.

Such efforts should be supported by documentation systems where people show what they do daily to build the network (see OHATS introduction as example) and by network analysis maps that show the growth and diversity of the network and connect members to each other. View this network analysis report showing work done by a May-June 2012 intern.

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