Thursday, August 30, 2012

Future of Education and Learning

I received an email this morning from Tess Pajaron, who has been reading the articles I post. Thank you Tess! She sent me the infographic posted below.

Learning Analytics: Leveraging Education Data – An infographic by the team at Open Colleges

Last week I listened to one of the sessions from the Learning 2.0 Conference. The speaker was Audrey Watters, who shares her ideas at Hack . In her presentation she talked about the growing use of robotics in education. The Blackboard Collaborate Recording is:

Through the combination of data, information technology, the internet and financial interests big changes are coming to how and where learning is provided and supported.

This is a graphic I created in the 1990s to illustrate a need for many leaders to be drawing people from their own influence networks into learning circles which use information like these infographics and recorded sessions to build strategies that reach youth in high poverty areas with all of the learning opportunities that keep expanding for kids who live beyond such neighborhoods.

It would be great to see students and volunteers creating infographics to describe the process that might make this happen. At this blog you can see work interns have been doing working with me in Chicago. If you're interested in joining this work please introduce yourself.

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