Saturday, August 04, 2012

Learning from others

Every day I spend time connecting with a wide range of people and ideas from around the world. As I find ideas that I think leaders can use to support "birth to work" activities in Chicago and other cities I add these to the Library on the Tutor/Mentor Connection web site. That way they are there for me to read in the future and also available to anyone who visits that site.

Today I found a few interesting articles in my Facebook groups.

Human Development Framework -  this site includes a concept map which is "A visual representation of the roles of ICT in the Human Development process".

Understanding Content Curation - This is a really significant article because it talks about the value of aggregating information and what makes this valuable. In one paragraph the writer says, "In considering the advantage of collecting vs. curating, it seems that collecting serves primarily the needs or interests of the collector. With curating, a larger goal is to benefit not only the collector, but other potential learners as well. It is meant to be shared. And, both the process and the product of curating help the curator as well as those who view the curated collection to understand and to learn." .

Developing Future Workskills Through Content Curation - This site includes a concept map of skills needed and talks about "the role content curation can play for students in inspiring passion-based learning, moving towards personalized learning and of the many skills and habits of mind that students can develop through the process."  These two articles pointed me to the link below.
Future Work Skills 2020 - this article lists 10 skills that workers should have for jobs in the coming decades. I'd like to find someone who has developed a "test" that could measure how well students and adults are learning these skills and to show what percent of youth in each school are "meeting standards" for learning these.  I think it would be far more valuable than testing reading, writing, math proficiency.

I've written many articles on learning in past blog articles. I hope you'll budget some time to read and reflect on what I've added today. 

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