Sunday, June 07, 2015

Concerned with Poverty, Inequality? Do the Planning.

I focus on volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs because of their potential go engage a wide range of talent from beyond poverty. This talent needs to be involved in research, innovation and planning, with the goal of helping the programs they are part of have a constantly improving impact on the lives of the kids and volunteers who become part of these programs. Such involvement is intended to help high quality non-school tutoring, mentoring and learning programs become available to youth in every high poverty neighborhood of big cities like Chicago.

I've created a variety of concept maps intended to encourage planning that covers "all we need to do" to achieve this goal. This map is a new one that I created this weekend. Take a look and share in your network.

See this and more maps like this here.

If a growing number of leaders adopted the commitment shown in the map below, and created planning teams who used the map above, we'd have more and better programs in place helping kids move through school and into jobs within a few years.

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