Friday, June 19, 2015

Do the Reading. Do the Planning.

I've used this graphic in the past to illustrate the planning required to get from "here", or where we are today, to "there", or where we want to be in the future. With the horrible mass murder in Charleston, we have another reminder of a complex problem that will take a long time to solve.

This graphic is intended to show how groups of people with some common identity should be banding together to study available information about the problem they are concerned about, and about how people in different places are trying to solve the same problem. By borrowing ideas from people already working on a problem groups can innovate new ways to apply those solutions in different places. This is a constant cycle that could have thousands of groups meeting at faith groups, businesses, colleges, social and civic clubs, family gatherings, etc.

I've written over 1000 articles and in many I'm using graphics like this, and posting links to other articles. I tag each article, so if groups wanted to spend some time just reading article talking about planning, they could click on the planning tag, and scroll through those articles.

I've also created some illustrated essays to describe work that needs to be done. This presentation shows that if someone is collecting information about a problem, and highlighting promising practices, they can stimulate how others throughout the sector might include those ideas in their own work.

Using Ideas to Stimulate Competition and Process Improvement - Concept Paper by Daniel F. Bassill

I've never had nearly enough funding to do this as well as it needs to be done, but the articles I write, and the conferences I've hosted, have been intended to point attention to work being done in this field. This is all part of an on-going 4-part strategy that I describe here.

If we want to get to a different place, we need to be doing the planning, and this needs to be taking place in thousands of big and small groups.

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