Wednesday, May 10, 2017

List of Articles that I Point to Frequently

Last January I created a blog article with a list of links, pointing to articles and places within the Tutor/Mentor Connection and Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web library that I point to often, using Tiny URL links to shorten the link addresses. I refer to this frequently to grab link addresses to use in other articles, PPT presentations, Tweets, etc.

Yesterday I created a video to guild  people through that list. Take a look:

This is one of many videos that have been created over the past 12 years to share ideas that people can use to help well-organized, out-of-school-time volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs be available to K-12 youth in more high poverty areas of Chicago and other cities.

I hope you'll take a look and bookmark the page, so you can refer to these articles often.

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