Thursday, January 25, 2018

Can you help? Support Library of Ideas and Information

I've been creating concept maps since 2005, which I share in articles on this blog, and on this page on the Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC web site.  I'm using a free cMap tool which is great, but it does not have a tracking systems so I don't know how many people are actually looking at these.

Since I've not been operating as a non -profit since 2011 (long story) I've not had any significant source of revenue to help me keep my web library on line and continue generating and sharing ideas via these maps, monthly email newsletter and my blog articles.

So I created this Giphy animation today and I'm going to put it on some of my maps, with a link to a page where people who value what I'm doing can use PayPal or snail mail to send me a few dollars to help me keep doing it.


A few dollars a month from a lot of people can really make a difference. However, sharing my articles with others via social media can also make a big difference. Maybe someone at Davos2018 will see your post and decide to invest in re-building the Tutor/Mentor Connection (which I've kept going since 2011 via Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC).

What do I mean?  I included this graphic showing a Regional Housing Solutions dashboard in an article I posted this morning on the MappingforJustice blog.  I've been trying for 24 years to build a map-based platform that would support decisions people make  in how they help high-poverty neighborhoods have a wide range of non-school, volunteer-based tutor, mentor and learning programs. I've not ever been able to find consistent on-going, year-to-year investment to do this any where near as well as I've wanted to. Please read the article.

1994 news story
Then, read this article, which I wrote last spring. It describes a "do over" where new leaders and investors, perhaps based at a university, use all the ideas and resources and experiences that I've aggregated since the 1970s and build a new Tutor/Mentor Connection that they can lead for the next 20 years.

There are many in the top 10%  of wealthy in the world who could easily take this role.

They just don't know I exist.

So until then, maybe a small contribution will help me keep going.

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